Sneak Peak 2: Lord of the Rings Painting

 I have made more progress on this. I have been having to take this painting in very small bites. It's been a challenge, particularly in the animal anatomy of the warg. Animal anatomy is something I am not very good at. I looked at various references of wolf and lion muscles actually. There are a lot of problems with it and if I have the time I'll try to fix it. It's why I started with the warg and rider first. I knew it would be the hardest so I thought it best to tackle it while I am still enthusiastic about this painting. I'm probably going too far in the detail for the value pass, but going above and beyond in this step really helped me in my last painting so I am doing it again here. Results are what  matter.

Next I'll start working on Gimli on the bottom and then the background. I want to really try and maintain this detail if I can thought out everything. This is probably about 3 hours of work already. And there is still a ways to go. So far I think the process video for getting my grey scale painting down will be Art Quest Episode 18 and 19 will be finishing it off. After that, I don't know what topic or painting I'll do next for 20 and beyond.

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