An Epiphany on Anatomy - I Suck and Need to Be Better

 Well I have had an epiphany on art. ErgoJosh posted a video on Youtube last month and it humbled me. Here is the video.

His video humbled me but explained a trajectory, a path, that I couldn't see before (or was willfully ignorant and ignoring). I needed an explanation like this to help me clarify what I need to do, and call me out for my laziness and attempts at shortcutting to skill.


See, I both love and loath figure drawing and anatomy. And I both love and loath hard work. I loath hard work without a goal, that is, and that's what I had with figure drawing. I had an amorphous idea of "get gud," but I didn't know exactly what that meant. Hearing the path to excellence broken down in levels and with what one can do to improve helped me a lot. I realized that I am at "level 2". I've taken courses on anatomy in school already. The next step is to make my studies my one. He recommends tracing and labeling muscles on models and timed gesture drawing.

With all of this said, I have decided to really buckle down and study. I've started using Line-Of-Action everyday for timed gesture drawing (what you see above). I'm only 2 days in but I feel pretty good about what I have learned so far. I'm seeing improvement and I have path to take to "level up." If feels good and I feel motivated too.

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